Saturday, September 30, 2006

Last Wednesday

Last Wednesday's YOUTH GROUP
It wasn't filled with kids but last Wednesday's youth group was certainly fun. You have to love the Rootbeer floats and how everyone played at that park. Not to forget the fact that we had loads of laugh playing the vegetable game and also sardines.
Robbie, Nathan, Jenna and Valerie
We're looking forward for this coming Wednesday. It is the first day of the Gathering Place. We invite anyone and around Cornwall and if you're youth group wants to come, to Cornwall for this event. That's it for now....I'll be posting up videos soon and some more events. PEACE OUT!


Valerie said...

That was the most uncomfortable place to hide! Who was the genius that picked it?

Katherine said...

obbieray! 'cause he can.

Taytums said...

all the cool kids hang out in a baby crib!